The Makings of a Rock Star

Many people fantasize at one time or another about becoming famous, making it as a rock star. It isn't just about the fame and the fortune; or is it? Turning yourself into a rock star requires certain characteristics that you may already possess and then some that you may want to spend some time getting familiar with. If you are looking for the glitz and glam of rock stardom, here are some things that can make it happen:

1. First off, do not get too attached to family or friends; you will be travelling for most of the year. If you are going to be a rock star, you have to do it right. Your fans want to see you; they can't get enough of you. Unfortunately, this means you have to make appearances everywhere. If you are the type of person that can go, go, go with no concrete establishment to rest your head, being a rock star just may be for you.

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2. An obvious characteristic is musical ability, though it isn't as high up on the list as one might think. It used to be the top priority, but with all the technology these days, real talent is less important. However, it would definitely be beneficial for you to have some connection with your vocals or another instrument. If you have to rely wholly on autotune, live concerts are going to be embarrassing.

3. Patience is a quality that you might want to pursue if you are not naturally gifted with it. To be a rock star, you have to lay down killer tracks; a process that takes hours, days, weeks and even months. You will be in the studio more than you ever wanted to, singing the same verses and hooks millions of times. You will be asked to tweak the smallest things, including tone, inflection and key. It will be frustrating, but rock stars handle it.

4. Patience plays a bigger part than just handling the studio, however; you will be stuck in close quarters with teams of people for an indetermined amount of time. You have to have a friendly demeanour and have a mellow personality that is easily meshed well with others. You also have to remember that becoming a rock star is usually not an overnight success. It takes diligence and dedication, two things that must continue throughout your rock star career.

5. Being a rock star takes more than just musical ability, patience and a loveable personality. It takes hard work unlike any that you have previously experienced. To be a rock star, you have to be 130 percent dedicated to your tasks, which never end. You are in the limelight, being watched at all times. You can't pick your nose without it being in the tabloids the next day. You work around the clock, doing interviews, taking photographs, recording and re-recording. You have to do promotional tours and travel from city to city on a moments notice. It's not all fun and games, but if you do it right: it sure can feel like it.

If you really want to be a rock star, get on it! You will have to spend a substantial amount of time doing self-promotional work in neighbouring clubs, bars and in generally small spaces. You have to get your name out there in any way that you can, showing people that you have what it takes to hold the spotlight. Do not give up and do not let anyone tell you that you will not make it. Do you know how many times rock legends heard that they didn't have what it takes to be legendary? If you want it, you've got to make it happen.

Rock for life, rock hard and rock on!